Ugly Yards Can Curb Your Appeal

Its-a-Wonderful-Life-George-Baileys-house-desertedI sure your home doesn’t look like this. (Unless you are the Adams Family) Many people selling their homes will often go all out preparing the inside and then forget about what their front yard looks like. Your front yard is like a window to your property. If it leaves a bad impression, you may have a hard time getting buyers to come through the front door to see all the wonderful upgrades you have done in the inside.
If your yard has patches of grass missing, overgrown shrubs and piles of brush lying around, it will make a potential buyer question how much care you have taken with the rest of the house. They may skip your home altogether and not even schedule a showing. Even if they do, it may be a hard obstacle to overcome in the person’s mind, no matter how nice the interior of your home is. Before putting your house on the market pay someYArd strong attention to your front yard. If it isn’t in the greatest shape, it might be worth it to shell out the money for a professional lawn and landscaping service. Tight on money? Get out and doing some or all of the work yourself. It will be well worth it at closing time. Statistics suggest basic but well-done landscaping may raise property values by as much as 12 percent.

Here is a quick checklist for sprucing up curb appeal:

_____ Put down some fresh mulch in flowerbeds and around trees.

_____ Put a fresh coat of paint on any wood surfaces such as wood siding, window shutters, your front door, or the garage door.

_____Repair and clean up water features, such as a fountain, if you have any. Use a power washer on and hard, non-wood, surfaces.

_____Reseed or re-sod your lawn if patches of grass are dead from the Winter.

_____Edge your lawn – walks, patios, driveways and beds.

_____Fix any issues with your irrigation or sprinkler system.

_____Trim any overgrown trees or bushes. Replace any that are dead.

_____Repair and paint fence.

_____Replace or clean any outdoor containers like flower pots or storage.

_____Replace, repair, or repaint your mailbox.

_____Lead potential buyers to your door with a walkway or stepping stones.

_____Replace welcome mat.

_____Put some colorful flowers in a flower pot next to the door.

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