Preparing Your Home For Sale – Basics

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Tender Loving Care

Buyers want to look at houses that have been well-kept and maintained throughout the years. When they walk into a home that has obviously been loved, appreciated, and well-tended to, they are more likely to establish an attachment to it as well. By getting your home ready to sell this spring, you have the opportunity to show buyers that they too can have the same happiness and comfort that you have enjoyed in the house.

Increase Your Asking Price

This is what most people care about when looking to sell
their home. A house that is clean, repaired, and ready to
go can fetch a higher asking price. When you want to sell
your house for its maximum value, you should take the
extra steps to make sure it is as appealing and salable
as possible.

A house that is ready to sell gives you leverage in the
negotiations and allows you to hold firm if you wish on
your price. While it may sound obvious, most home buyers are not
handymen (although many men would probably
disagree). They do not actually know how much it costs
to replace a hot water heater, change out a cracked
window pane, or even replace the carpet. Studies show
that when estimating repair costs, the average buyer will
actually estimate two or three times the actual expenses.
This means that the broken door that would cost $500 to
replace will be seen as a $1000 or $1500 repair by a
potential buyer. This estimate, as wrong as it may be,
will play a factor when it comes to the price that they
offer. It may even determine if they put in an offer at all.
The onset of spring means that it is time to get your
house ready for selling. You can commit yourself fully to
this easy process by realizing what Model House
advantages lie in
store for your home and its sale.

There are a few major things to keep in mind when
preparing your home for sale. You have likely been living
in the home for years which means you have probably
developed an emotional attachment.
You have created memories there. Maybe it’s your first
home, where your baby took their first steps, or thoughts
Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by family and friends. It
is important to remember that a buyer does not have any
emotional attachment, which is why it is important for
you to look at the sale of your home as more of a
business decision. Try to keep the emotions out of it.

It’s In The Details

The first thing to do is to start de-cluttering. You know all
of those nick knacks, photos, college diplomas, and awards
that you absolutely hate to dust? Take them down. Kids
constantly have toys all over the place? Start boxing up
the ones that they don’t play with very often. A potential
buyer needs to be able to see themselves living in the
home, not trying to figure out who lives there now.
Clean, clean, and clean some more. I know, I said the “C”
word, and unfortunately, I’m not talking about a simple
dusting. I’m talking about the deep cleaning that is
usually associated with Spring time. Clean your ceiling
fans, light fixtures, windowsills, mini-blinds, baseboards,
crown molding.

Clean behind and underneath furniture. Give your oven,
stove, dishwasher, microwave, and even the washer and
dryer a good deep clean. The cleaner your home is today, the more that a potential buyer will know that you took fantastic and loving care of your home in the past.
If you are short on time or funds, remember that the 3  most important areas of the home are the kitchen,  Clean Stovemaster bedroom, and master bath. That doesn’t mean
you should neglect the others, however.
Don’t get stressed! You don’t have to complete this list overnight unless your home is going on the market
tomorrow. You can complete this over time or hire someone to come in and do it for you. You don’t even have to complete 100% of these items – they are just suggestions. Remember, however, that the more that is done, the better chance you have for selling your home
for the most possible money in the shortest period of time.

OK, time to get to work!!!


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