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Find a lake home on one of the most diverse lakes in the state of Minnesota. Leech Lake is located in north central Minnesota The lake is located mainly within the Leech Lake Indian Reservation, and completely within the Chippewa National Forest. It is used as a reservoir. The lake is the third largest in Minnesota, it covers 102,947 acres , has 195 miles of shoreline, and has a maximum depth of 156 feet.

Leech Lake hosts eleven islands that cover a total of 1,617 acres of land.[2] The following list is in order from largest to smallest; Bear Island, Minnesota Island, Pelican Island, Headquarters Bay Island, Big Pipe Island, Goose Island, Bog (Duck) Island, Narrows Island, Little Bear Island, Little Pelican Island, Gull Island, Shingobee Island

Leech Lake is a popular sport fishing hotspot, and is fished for many different types. The state record lake whitefish (12 lb, 4.5 oz) and pumpkinseed (1 lb, 5.6 oz) were both caught here in 1999. Leech Lake contains a variety of fish species including; Black crappie, Bowfin (dog fish), Bluegill, Brown bullhead, Catfish, Eelpout, Hybrid sunfish, Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, Muskellunge, Northern pike, Pumpkinseed, Rock bass, Tullibee (cisco), Walleye, White sucker, Yellow bullhead, Yellow perch.

MN DNR Lake Finder has more detailed information and maps for Leech Lake

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