Lake Minnetonka Homes For Sale

Enjoy the beauty of life on one of Minnesota’s lake treasures. 

Lake Minnetonka is located approximately 15 miles west of Minneapolis. The lake lies within Hennepin and Carver Counties and is surrounded by thirteen municipalities. At 14,528 acres, it is Minnesota’s ninth largest lake and is one of the state’s most popular for water recreation.  

Lake Minnetonka attracts thousands of boaters and fishermen each year. It is also home to several popular restaurants that are accessible by foot, car, or boat. Maynard’s Restaurant is the most popular waterfront restaurants on the lake. Established in 1998, Maynard’s Restaurant began operating on a very historic piece of property in Excelsior, Minnesota on Lake Minnetonka. The same land was occupied by the Excelsior Amusement Park from 1925 – 1973, and then saw restaurants come and go over the next couple decades. Maynard’s provides a relaxed and casual atmosphere with beautiful views of Lake Minnetonka. Located in Downtown Wayzata, and on the coast of Wayzata Bay, COV is a restaurant and bar that is also accessible by boat, foot or car. COV is a New England-style accompanied with Midwest charm, a high style restaurant in a beautiful town. Since 1968, Lord Fletchers has served as one of Lake Minnetonka’s coziest neighborhood destinations. Live music and an upbeat atmosphere makes Lord Fletchers a must see Lake Minnetonka destination.


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