I looked for the origin of the quote “Home Is Where The Heart Is” It was none other than Pliny The Elder. (Not to be confused with Pliny The Younger) Who? That’s what I said. Turns out old Pliny was, among other things, was an author during the first century AD. He he is credited with several quotes. “Nothing is so unequal as equality” “In these matters the only thing that is certain is uncertainty” It is speculated that he died as a result of trying to help a family escape for the eruption of Mt Vesuvius. It appears as though he may have been both wise and brave. 

Well, back to home. These past few months have validated Old Pliny. Home has been where our heart, family, office and almost every other thing has been. Not always by choice.  

I hope you find your home is filled with all the love you can imagine, and that those who are at the heart of your love know what they mean to you. 




We will be contacting you shortly with information about your home.