Get ready, get set, SELL!!!!

Are your ready to SELL??

When ever I make a visit to a prospective seller’s home one of the questions (besides what’s it worth) that comes up is, “What should I do to get it ready to sell. “

While sometimes the answer is simple and short, the usual response is to provide the seller with a list of ideas and suggestions to make their home ready to sell. The goal is to sell it as quickly as possible for as much as possible. The trick is to know how much to do and where to start.

In the book “148 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Sale” there are generic suggestions in the chapter “Preparing Your Home For Sale-The Basics” but as you read further you will find a breakdown of the various rooms and areas in and around your home that should be attended to. Each section has a list of potential areas that may need repairs or maintenance. For me a set of lists like this can be a great asset as I try to get ready to be “on stage” with prospective buyers. If I can address things before they become an issue I’m a happy man.

The book is available at no charge. Just click the link and I’ll send it to you.



If you are looking for an estimate of your home’s value check out Value My Shack   This is an Automated Valuation Method (AVM) which uses several public data sources to generate a report. If sufficient public data is available you will get a report on sales in your area as well.


You can take advantage of the current “Seller’s Market” and compete in the real estate race. But like every competitor, you will need to prepare and train if you want to win!


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