First things First

You MUST have money or something of value to buy real estate. There I said it. No getting around the fact that you will need to have access to money (or something of value) to trade the Seller for deed to their property. Sellers will usually reject offers that don’t have proof of ability to perform. You need to “SHOW THEM THE MONEY” There are several ways to pay.
You could swap something of value (none cash) such as precious medals, precious stones, works of art, other property, etc. While these are not the most common forms of payment for real estate transactions (in the US) they do happen. With a swap you will likely need to show proof of value in the form an appraisal (third party)
You could pay in cash. Cash transactions are quite common in real estate. A buyer has access to cash from various sources and can provide a cash payment for the property. Quick, clean no appraisal, BAM! DONE! If this is the route you’ve chosen be prepared to submit financial statements with your offer
Sellers can finance the purchase. This is often called a Contract For Deed. The Seller requires a down payment (usually substantial) and agrees to accept payments over a specific period of time until the property is paid for or for a length of time and then requires a balloon payment to satisfy the remaining balance. The deed for the property doesn’t transfer until the contract is satisfied (paid off) If the Seller has a mortgage on the property a Contract For Deed can be a real risk for the Buyer. You may want to consult an attorney before entering into a Contract For Deed arrangement. You will still need proof of funds for the down payment portion of the transaction. Yep financial statements again.
The most common way to purchase real estate (in the US) is with mortgage financing. There are several types of mortgage products available with varying interest rates and terms. there are n some programs that allow you to purchase a home with no money down. The framework and requirements for each type of mortgage financing is a subject that is best left to the mortgage professionals. A licensed mortgage professional can be extremely helpful in determining which product is right for your circumstance. In most cases they can get you pre-qualified in a very short period of time. They will also help you determine the cash you will need to successfully complete the sale (CLOSE)
The pre-qualification is a “must do” step if you are planning to use mortgage financing in the transaction.
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