It is almost here, the end of 2020. A year filled with change and “new normal” Who knew, right? I vaguely remember mentions of Corona Virus and the late-night TV jokes about too many Coronas would give anyone a “virus” or at a minimum make you sick.

Thankful for 2020? Really? Do you have to ask? Can the New Year come soon enough? We need a change, right? Forget “new normal” let’s get back to the way things were. A great battle cry or political slogan but not really based in the reality of experience. If the past teaches us anything at all it is that change is coming. Continually, unrelenting and without remorse or compassion, change, will happen. And it often leaves a trail of confusion and uncertainty for a period.

Million Dollar Lake Homes - Minnesota Lake Home Million Dollars Plus, Minnesota Lake homes valued at a million dollars or more, Luxury MN Lake Homes, Million Dollar Lake ViewsEven with all the uncertainty and turmoil of this past year I find I am “thank filled”. The year started with the death of my Dad. New Year’s Day 2020. I miss him every day but find myself smiling as I think of all the things he taught me, the shared experiences, that great smile and his response each day I asked “How are you doing pops?” His response never wavered “GREAT” he would proudly pronounce. I am so thankful for the last few years when he needed extra care and I got the opportunity to know him better and serve his needs. I also know my Dad’s life didn’t end and that I will see him again.

I am thankful for my local church family. A smaller, personal and intimate group of believers who have demonstrated a God powered resiliency to continue to provide fellowship, community worship and caring not only for the members of our local church body but also out into the community. Even through the temporary fog of present circumstance the focus has been the Great Commission and Commandment given by Jesus.

I am thankful for my many business and professional relationships. I have not experienced so many people in that environment willing to share their fears, anxieties and convictions at such an authentic level. Perhaps the shared uncertainty of the future has given us a great gift of stripping away veneer to reveal  who people really are. And perhaps it has also caused me to listen and hear those around me.

Last but certainly not least I am thankful for my entire family. We are if nothing else an eclectic group. At any given gathering you experience the gambit of political, religious and social opinions. Even within the very distinct “family pods” there is little in the way of unanimity. Even when it gets loud it is only because there is an underlying sense of security and acceptance(usually)

As I said I am not just thankful, I am thank filled; Pressed down and overflowing.

I am most thankful for the God who loves me and knows my name. Whose love was so incomparable that He became a human and then surrendered His life so that I might be forgiven and receive eternal life. And as if that is not enough, He left His Spirit with me so that I would never be alone ever again. He did all this for me and every person on earth. I don’t know about you, but I think that is amazing, awesome, incredible and all the superlatives combined.

Thankful is all I can be, no other response appropriate

Many blessing to you and yours on Thanksgiving


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