Can’t breakout, make it a place to be “in”

The recent periods of “Pandemic Prison” may have you climbing the walls and looking for something (anything) to change. While the internet can be a great resource it can also provide a tsunami of ideas that may break the bank and leave you exhausted. Perhaps a shortlist of ideas will help you focus and achieve that new look you are seeking. Here are seven ways to invest your time and resources upgrading your space


Lockdowns may be keeping us safe but they are certainly bringing families closer together. 9sometine too close) Your kitchen may now be the school room and home office. Countless living rooms have been tasked as entertainment and exercise spaces. While tearing down a wall or adding on may seem like the only answer, it may be as easy as rearranging furniture and changing the flow of a room that vastly improves function. By eliminating some bulkier pieces adjusting the number of accents and reconfiguring the layout your gym, study hall, office, dining, gathering space can be a realty.


With all the extra cleaning and disinfecting that is being done you may be glaring (instead of staring at) those shelves of trinkets and keepsakes. That friendly clutter is likely making your space feel smaller than it is. I’m not suggesting you “86” everything you love but it is possible to achieve cozy while improving comfort. I find that when I have less clutter to start with I am less apt to leave more clutter behind. Even if it is just for a few months, boxing up the clutter and storing it away will at a minimum give you a different perspective of your space and way less to dust!!


I think new paint is one of the least appreciated home improvements. Paint is not designed to be a “lifetime” investment. Changing up wall colors can be a great way to freshen up the feel of your home and provide relief from the sameness of being locked down. If you’re not up to repainting the entire house how about adding an accent wall to a room? It’s a great way to add contrast and freshness to a tired space. There are numerous techniques that can also be used to give an accent wall extra character. (thank you YouTube) Don’t like what you did to change the paint? No worries, if we’re locked down for awhile you can do it over. You’ll have the time!!

A relatively inexpensive way to change the look of any room is to update the lighting. New fixtures and updated LED bulbs can improve your look and save you some money. The LED gives you options for intensity and color. (ever dream of a blue room) You can also add accent lighting under cabinets and on stairways that is both functional and eye catching. A licensed electrician is a great resource (and often a must) when you are doing more than plugging in your new lights. Having them installed correctly and safely means you get the enjoyment without the danger of damaging your homes electrical system or causing a fire.

That full kitchen remodel may have to wait until a post pandemic period where “dining out” is a frequent option. That said, there are some simple ways to renew your space. There are some wonderful products for refinishing your cabinets in place. Countertop specialists can usually replace those time worn tops in a day. By adding new hardware you can complete the makeover. Add-ons like under cabinet or over cabinet lighting can give your kitchen a great new vibe.

After being confined for any period of time, it is apparent to me how valuable my time outdoors is. Not only does it feel like I’ve escaped (even if just to my patio) there are the well known benefits that fresh air and sunshine have on my physical and mental health.
I have added to my outdoor spaces entertainment value with things like speakers, lighting, fountains and a fire pit (gas powered) An outdoor rug and new chair cushions were an inexpensive way to put a pop of color in the space. Mine is a micro space (8’x14″) but it does feel comfortable. A great outdoor space can also add value to your home if it enhances the “livability” of the home.


I’m an optimist so I believe this too (pandemic prison) will pass. Until that happens you can greatly improve the look and functionality of your “cell” and make it a place you want to come home to when you are once again, free to move about the country.



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