Seniors On The Move

Change Doesn’t Just Happen  Printed with permission of SRES.ORG Moving across the country is challenging, but when it includes frail, elderly parents, it becomes exponentially

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Hello world!

Welcome to Property Press Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Was 2020 Really A S#!T Show?

It certainly has been an eventful year. A global pandemic that has caused many not just to social distance but to socially isolate. Political division

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Show them the money

First things First You MUST have money or something of value to buy real estate. There I said it. No getting around the fact that you

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Thankful for 2020? What?

It is almost here, the end of 2020. A year filled with change and “new normal” Who knew, right? I vaguely remember mentions of Corona

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